We have construction experience across the globe and use knowledge gained from these projects to provide unparalleled services for our clients here in Australia and New Zealand.

Our construction services cover all the sectors we operate in, using effective project management practices and innovative technologies. We work on brownfield and greenfield sites which proves our versatility in the construction space.

Ferrovial Agroman, our sister company, is recognised worldwide for its ability to design and build singular constructions of all kinds, from civil engineering to buildings, and especially large transport infrastructure. The division’s track record to date includes the building of more than 540 km of tunnels, 20,100 km of roads (including 4,500 km of motorways) and 5,200 km of railways (including 1,000 km of high speed lines), and the repair and maintenance of 30,400 km of roads.

Construction complements the vast catalogue of solutions we provide. We boast end-to-end offerings from initial consult through to design, engineering, construction, management, upgrades and decommissioning.

Broad expertise ensures that we make decisions based on knowledge from multiple scenarios across different industries – we call upon real life capabilities rather than work from theory books. This guarantees a thorough approach to addressing challenges. We share information across our business lines to improve our services.

Such an approach shines through in construction. Our capability across the asset lifecycle ensures construction considers asset management, maintenance and management of the structure. This creates long-term savings by increasing productivity in both labour and materials.

Our experienced project managers and delivery teams work closely with our clients, providing integrated solutions to ensure programs and projects are delivered to meet safety, schedule and cost targets. Our strong client relationships, systematic approach and operations and maintenance expertise ensure maximum value, asset integrity and optimal project outcomes for our clients.

 We execute works under a range of contract models including Design & Construct, Early Contractor Involvement (ECI), Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC), Engineering Procurement Construction Management (EPCM), Construct only, Managing Contractor and Alliance.

• Project management
• Project planning, controls and reporting
• Procurement and logistics
• Multidisciplinary projects
• Testing and commissioning
• Greenfield construction execution
• Brownfield construction execution
• Direct labour and sub-contractor delivery


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