We’ve been part of the power industry for more than 60 years, with our focus today on providing end-to-end solutions to a changing industry and customer landscape through innovation and leadership in energy stability and security, renewable energy and virtual power plants.

Together with clients, we are creating a strong energy future by applying our industry knowledge, technical capability and smart asset management methodology to ensuring reliable and predictable generation, transmission and distribution networks to support communities in every state and territory of Australia and in 155 New Zealand towns.

We’re partnering with established solar and emerging tech companies, such as mPower, and bringing innovation and technology from Ferrovial, one of the world’s leading services and infrastructure companies and a respected inclusion on the Dow Jones, FTSE4Good and Ethical Sustainability Indexes, to enable client’s access to sophisticated and mature solution models on both aging and new assets.

We deliver complex projects, such as construction of 23,000 solar panels at leading sustainable agriculture company, Sundrop’s, Port Augusta Farm, and provide technical and engineering services to power stations, substations and transmission lines. We use our position as live-line experts, our access to data-driven Centres of Excellence in Cities and Environment, and Asset Management, and our multi-skilled workforce trained as ‘technicians of the future’ through our own Registered Training Organisation to build, maintain, renew and optimise the performance of critical power assets for our clients.

Across our whole portfolio of services to essential networks such as power, telecommunications, water and transport, we improve the living standards of over 70 million citizens in 180 large cities globally.

  • Generation
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Renewable energy
  • Emerging technology
  • Project management
  • Technology integration solutions
  • Brownfield and greenfield transmission and distribution lines and substation build projects
  • Substation design and construction
  • Condition assessment and asset management of electricity networks
  • Overhead to underground conversions
  • Upgrades and expansions of distribution networks and substations.
  • Cabling: installation and termination
  • Tower, pole, insulator and cross-arm replacement
  • Construction of solar technology
  • Cost efficient resource use
  • Transformer testing at our Oil Lab in Auckland, New Zealand
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