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Broadspectrum considers listening to people to be at the heart of the smart cities agenda. We work closely with government, industry and communities to build responsive cities where infrastructure and assets are designed to improve human experiences.

We have been relied upon to manage and optimise a vast range of assets vital to the sustainability of the communities where we work for more than 60 years. As part of the global Smart Cities conversation, Broadspectrum is collaborating with the market ecosystem to enhance the critical infrastructure and assets we already service to respond to how people live, work and play and deliver more for citizens.

Our focus is on working with industry to deliver better people, environment and community outcomes; harnessing data and technology to create new standards and improved experiences. We start with the benefit of people in mind and optimise assets to create energy efficient solutions, world-first waste innovations, reliable water and power supply, efficient roads, rail and public transport and sustainable government and social infrastructure.

We believe that co-creating responsive cities that put the citizen first will mean sustainable economies and communities.

  • Data engineering 
  • Citizen-centred service models 
  • Digital solutions 


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