Diversity and Inclusion

What is diversity & inclusion?

  • Diversity is the differences that make us unique, our individual attributes. This may be (but not limited to) age, disability, ethnicity, family structure, gender, national origin, race, religion and sexual orientation; and
  • Inclusion is valuing these differences creating an environment where we all feel respected and valued for our uniqueness.

Our approach

Broadspectrum recognises the importance of distinct experiences, talent and cultures our people bring to the workplace. We believe creating an inclusive workplace is central to building a high-performance business. Governed by our Equality and Diversity in the Workplace Policy, the Diversity and Inclusion framework provides three focus areas that drive our Diversity & Inclusion strategy: Positive Awareness, Culture & Behaviour and Systemic Improvement. Our approach ensures that we do not only address the symptoms, such as the number of diverse employees, but that we are also influencing the underlying culture and systems that are key to enabling a truly Diverse and Inclusive workforce.

Broadspectrum is committed to creating a more inclusive workforce and has established a number of initiatives and targets, initially focused on increasing the participation of Women and Indigenous employees across our operations. Some of these include the provision of Inclusive Leadership Training, participating in and supporting local cultural and awareness raising events, increasing workplace flexibility options, creating better access to tools and information and, review of policies and practices to ensure that no unconscious bias is prevalent.

Key reference materials