Our approach

The Company’s diverse operations provide a broad range of environmental responsibilities which we are committed to ensuring are managed appropriately. For example, we manage environmental risks associated with our well servicing and drilling operations, storage and handling of fuels and chemicals and disposal of waste materials. In some instances, our operations are located nearby environmentally sensitive areas such as marine areas or environmental and cultural heritage areas. We are committed to managing these environmental risks in line with regulatory and legislative requirements in order to mitigate detrimental environmental impacts and protect our corporate reputation.

The Company manages its environmental responsibilities with the support of a multi-tiered environmental management structure. This incorporates environmental subject matter experts embedded in individual contracts, managers responsible for coordinating resources nationally, and executive and Board oversight and direction.

Our ISO14001 accredited management system outlines the Company’s key environmental objectives and minimum operational standards, and provides detailed operational guidance to drive continuous improvement in environmental management.

We manage and track environmental incidents on an ongoing basis. Incidents are reported to executive management on a monthly basis, with significant environmental incidents raised immediately to their attention.

This performance is tested through internal and external auditing processes, and overseen by the Health, Safety, Environment and Community Committee of the Board.