Broadspectrum rides for Chloe

Broadspectrum is proudly supporting the ‘Ride for Chloe’ beginning this Sunday 15 October, a 1,000-kilometre bicycle ride to raise $2 million and help nine-year-old Chloe Saxby, who was diagnosed with the extremely rare degenerative brain illness Vanishing White Matter Disease in 2012.

Riding from Melbourne to Wollongong, 22 pink rainbow lycra-clad cyclists will help raise the funds necessary to research cures against this one-in-40-million diagnosis, which has been identified in only seven cases in Australia and 172 worldwide.

The ‘Saving Chloe Saxby’ campaign funding goal is $2.6 million – the overall initiative has already raised $900,000 through social media, and the cyclist team expects to considerably increase this figure with their efforts.

The amount raised will fund the purchase of specialised medical equipment and expand the small team undertaking research into a much-needed cure using Food and Drug Administration-approved compounds.

‘Ride for Chloe’ was brought to life when Melbournians Richard Turner and Ged Walsh came across Chloe’s plight on social media, and immediately wanted to help. Chloe’s father, Grant Saxby, who had not previously ridden a bicycle more than 20 kilometres, teamed up with the cyclists in the fight for his daughter’s life: “We jumped straight on board their idea to bring together a larger team, which then turned into Ride for Chloe.”

Confined to a wheelchair, Chloe has become increasingly fragile because of the disease. It has been almost six years since Chloe enjoyed the use of her legs, and her illness threatens to slowly paralyse her and rob her of the ability to talk, see, hear or eat..

Grant Saxby is meeting the huge challenge ahead with unyielding determination: “It’s going to be a tough ride, as we are looking at doing over 150 kilometres a day, for six days. Chloe is my source of inspiration and she will get me through. I would do anything for Chloe to have the chance to ride a bike or walk again.”

The ‘Saving Chloe Saxby’ video can be found here:

The crowd funding page for donations can be found here:

Above: Grant Saxby (left) will ride 1,000 kilometres to raise research funds to cure his daughter Chloe’s (right) degenerative disease.

Below: Chloe Saxby, brave and hopeful, battling the extremely rare degenerative brain illness Vanishing White Matter Disease.