Broadspectrum supports Jarjums Soar

Broadspectrum supported the inaugural Cultural Inclusion and Celebration Day on Monday, hosted by the Western Shores Learning Alliance (WSLA), a collective of five Public and one High School in the Lake Macquarie region. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students invited a non-Indigenous peer to celebrate Aboriginal culture and history, shared by local indigenous Elders in Learning Circle talks.

As sponsor of the event, Broadspectrum assisted with costs such as venue hire, transport and art supplies. In addition, the event was proudly attended by Broadspectrum’s NSW Schools Area Supervisor, Andrew Buchanan, and Indigenous Engagement for NSW contracts, Advisor Steve Adams.

Andrew, who grew up in the region and attended both Morisset Public and Morisset High School, said: “I’ve now been working in the western Lake Macquarie Schools contract for over three years, and am very proud to participate in these schools’ celebrations.”

Steve Adams’s contracts joined the Itji-Marru Aboriginal Resource Centre in 1993 to help establish an after-school Homework Centre and have maintained close ties with the schools and local community. “Continuing to work with WSLA and Itji-Marru is a privilege and seeing so many of our youth graduate and go onto rewarding careers and become leaders in their own right is brilliant”, said Steve.

Aboriginal Education Officer for WSLA, Aunty Selena Archibald has been a driving force for the establishment of the Cultural Inclusion and Celebration Day: “Having proud Aboriginal Elders such as Steve working with us and supporting our youth reinforces the strength of our community and the future opportunities for our students.”

NSW Schools Manager David Zensea was happy to provide his support for the event: “Broadspectrum are avid supporters of the WSLA Schools cultural celebrations. It was our pleasure to be involved in this event which highlights the rich traditions that are such an important part of indigenous culture.”

The artwork was donated by indigenous elder, Uncle Doug Archibald, with the students further decorating on the day with thumb prints.