Easternwell hydrates with Waddi Springs bottled spring water

Easternwell has engaged Indigenous Beverages Australia to supply our field employees with Waddi Springs bottled spring water.

Indigenous Beverages Australia is a unique company run and owned by a Goreng Goreng heritage family. The Goreng Goreng are Indigenous to Queensland and a language group. The Goreng Goreng area is between Baffle Creek to Agnes Water in the north, extending westerly as far as Kroombit Tops.

Indigenous Beverages Australia supports both the Indigenous Community Volunteers, which provides access to skilled volunteers and resources in education and health, along with the LIVIN charity created to remove the stigma on mental health and raise awareness for suicide prevention.

Waddi Springs offers a range of natural spring water, beverage and specialty coffee products. Waddi Springs has environmentally friendly products that are made with renewable resources that are fully recyclable and degradable, therefore, delivering a lower carbon footprint.

Through our relationship with Indigenous Beverages Australia, we are helping build long-term sustainable partnerships with Indigenous communities and deliver real and lasting change.


Partnering with Indigenous Beverages Australia to provide Waddi Springs bottled spring water to our field employees.