Ferrovial Services and Granada City Council implement innovative waste collection project

Ferrovial Services, in partnership with Granada City Council and Cisco, has implemented an urban laboratory in the city of Granada that is pioneering the application of data analysis to municipal services. The project focuses on increasing the efficiency of municipal waste collection by using urban data.

The urban laboratory was installed in six Granada neighbourhoods: Ronda, Zaidín, Genil, Beiro, Chana and Norte. Sensors located in waste bins provided real-time data on their fill status, making it possible to optimise and prioritise waste collection routes. Moreover, applying analytical models and algorithms to the data will enable predictions to be made and truck routes to be redesigned for maximum efficiency.

To carry out this project, a network of communication antennas was installed at strategic points of the city, as well as 420 volumetric fill sensors inside bins, all managed via a cutting-edge city platform which has the capacity to manage municipal services information comprehensively.

Fill data collected by sensors, together with urban information related to weather, traffic and special events, are sent to the Ferrovial Services data analysis platform. Using analytical models and algorithms, each day the platform generates optimal waste collection routes for emptying the selected bins. The result is a new approach to managing waste collection services based on data and dynamic decision-making adapted to the needs of the city.

The laboratory’s goals include enhancing living standards in the city by reducing pollution and noise, since fewer waste collection vehicles are required; improving connectivity and the availability of information about the city; and enhancing operational efficiency.


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Ferrovial Services’ project in the city of Granada includes the installation of sensors that predict when the bins will be full and provide information to map the most effective route for the waste collection trucks to empty the bins.