Amey trials robotic exosuit to enhance work safety

Ferrovial Services’ subsidiary Amey has partnered with Transport Scotland to trial a robotic exoskeleton suit with employees on the Forth Bridges contract in Scotland.

EksoVest is a new safety workwear device designed to reduce the risks posed on the upper body as a result of manual handling work. The 4.3-kilogram external metal frame mimics elements of the human skeleton. The spring-powered device supports employees' arms when performing manual tasks above chest height, providing between 2.2 and 6.8 kilograms of lift for each arm and reducing strain on the back and shoulders.

EksoVest is lightweight, so employees can wear it all the time without it restricting their movements.

Mark Arndt, the company's Forth Bridges representative, said: "The EksoVest not only makes our people physically safer, it also reduces fatigue, which enhances productivity and reduces sick leave. We are just beginning this exciting trial, but we expect this portable technology will improve staff wellbeing by making their work easier."

Amey employees contributed to the development process by providing feedback throughout the trial.

The EksoVest trial is also being considered by other Ferrovial Services contracts to assess its potential for use in other tasks, such as waste collection and scaffolding assembly.