Broadspectrum helps make Mornington Peninsula’s roads safer

Mornington Peninsula Shire in Victoria, a popular destination with holiday-makers, has introduced a two-year reduced speed limit trial on 38 Shire-managed high-risk roads.

Broadspectrum has begun installing the new 80km/h speed signs, with works expected to be complete in time for the holiday season.

Many Shire-managed roads, which until now have been 100km/h and 90km/h, have a significant crash history. These roads are typically in very good condition; however, they have a high crash-risk profile, including narrow lanes, large trees close to the road, table drains and poor sight lines.

While speed is not always the cause of a crash, any measure to lower speed will help reduce road trauma.

Broadspectrum’s Contract Manager Services and FM, Leonard Leyland, said: “For our team based in Mornington, and our colleagues working at HMAS Cerberus, we see this as a positive step forward and in line with Broadspectrum’s Safe for Life values, where risk control forms an integral component of creating a safe environment for our people, our families and our community. We are very proud to be a key part of this significant safety program.”

Broadspectrum has partnered with Mornington Peninsula Shire for almost 20 years to provide maintenance services across the Peninsula.