Broadspectrum makes strides in Indigenous reconciliation

Broadspectrum acknowledged the first anniversary of their fourth Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in Toowoomba at the company’s Indigenous Advisory Board (IAB) meeting in November.

The Indigenous Advisory Board met at the Toowoomba Bypass office, the base from which Broadspectrum will operate and maintain the new road on behalf of Nexus Infrastructure for the next 25 years. The contract team hosted the Board in recognition of its commitment to advance Indigenous reconciliation, including working with Traditional Owner Groups to preserve culturally significant heritage, such as artefacts, and install signage acknowledging the Yuggera Ugarapul (previously Jagera Daran) and Western Wakka Wakka people.

The 2018–2021 Elevate RAP was launched in Chinchilla last year with Reconciliation Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Karen Mundine, stating: “Broadspectrum has been helping to blaze the trail for 10 years and was one of Reconciliation Australia’s first five Elevate partners.

“By raising the bar of its RAP ambitions, it is testament to Broadspectrum’s enduring contributions to national reconciliation action and the legacy they hope to create now and in the future.”

In its 2018–2021 Elevate RAP, Broadspectrum provides more than 40 actions that the company will take to continue to strengthen relationships and provide opportunities for Indigenous people and businesses to work with the company, including:

  • doubling Indigenous procurement, to support 100 businesses
  • in partnership with CareerTrackers, support 10 Indigenous interns per year
  • work with Government to create a framework to enable Indigenous people with minor criminal records to gain meaningful employment, and
  • build a formal mentoring program that results in a four per cent Indigenous representation in our High Potential employee talent pool.

Broadspectrum’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Tom Quinn, said: “The first anniversary of our RAP provides an opportunity to reflect on our progress in achieving these actions and work out what more we need to do to achieve our goals in Indigenous reconciliation.

“Our progress to date includes doubling spend with Indigenous suppliers when compared to the same period last year and awarding $43 million in contracts to Indigenous businesses in the past 12 months.

“We are progressing programs to attract and develop Indigenous people within our business, and we have employed 323 Indigenous people in our business in the last 12 months.

“Our IAB continues to push us towards enhanced leadership and improved outcomes and, as a member of the IAB, I look forward to reporting our progress against the goals that we have set for ourselves over the next three years.”

The Board was visited by the Chinchilla State High School students who created the commemorative artwork for the RAP.

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