Broadspectrum’s leaders: Daniel Manson

Celebrating our people

This is an occasional series about Broadspectrum’s leaders. By sharing their stories, it’s an opportunity to celebrate our people, their successes and their diversity. In the words of inaugural interviewee, Karen O’Driscoll, “Our leaders have real lives too, and have had learned through challenges, successes and mistakes that they can share with a wider audience.”

To some people, Daniel Manson has the best job at Broadspectrum*. As a Navigational Aid Technician, he spends 90 per cent of his time on the water, installing and maintaining navigational aids along the coast of Western Australia.

He works on the marine asset contract for the WA Department of Transport, and is one of just two technicians undertaking this work.

Daniel says a typical day doesn’t exist, with he and skipper Anthony Regan navigating their way through the water, their workload and the weather.

“On a given day, I might be troubleshooting, blasting and painting structures, repairing or replacing malfunctioning lights, or installing temporary markers. The markers are used to identify underwater hazards to waterway users.

“The number one challenge is the weather,” he said.

“We need to remain vigilant all the time, due to the weather, but also some assets are in restricted locations and can be difficult to access. We need low wind and swell to access some islands by vessel, and others can be accessed by helicopter only.

“Additionally, the preparation time for works can often be restricted due to the nature of the works,” he said.

Daniel’s work has him on the road, and water, every week as his responsibility is from Wyndham to Esperance. (Look at a map, and you’ll realise this covers much of the WA coastline.) While this takes him away from his girlfriend and dog, they spend quality time together, often at the beach, on the weekend.

While Daniel’s work is niche, he has aspirations to work towards an operational supervisor or management role. “Diversity and inclusion bring together knowledge and experience from a broad range of people in different industries,” he said. “And I hope to be one of those people one day.”

*Or perhaps you hate water, so you think he has the worst job at Broadspectrum.