Developing Indigenous Leaders

Building strength through diversity

Inclusion and Diversity is one of Broadspectrum’s strengths – our diversity of sector, services and people.

As we continue to strengthen our business, we are committed to inclusion and acknowledge the valuable expertise and experience that diverse cultures, abilities, ages and gender bring to our organisation.

One initiative seeking to make a positive difference in the company’s diversity is our Indigenous Leaders Program. We have set ourselves a number of leadership goals to ensure Indigenous talent are able to participate equally and equitably in all areas of our business.

By 2021, we are aiming to double Indigenous talent in our frontline, operational and senior leadership teams, and appoint an Indigenous leader to our Executive team.


We have several training and development programs that we plan to review to make this a focus, including our Graduate and Apprenticeship Programs, Senior Leadership Program, BEST Leaders Program, Corporate Talent Management, Supervisor Foundations, and Leadership for Teams. These programs will help us to develop internal Indigenous talent.

We will also continue to sponsor and participate in the Emerging Indigenous Executive Leaders Program. This nine-month program is run by the Australian Graduate School of Management. Participants undertake executive learning modules that include a focus on strategic thinking, leadership, innovation and communicating with influence.

A working group under the sponsorship of Angelique Nesbitt, Broadspectrum’s Group Director - Legal, Risk and Governance, is working in close consultation with the company’s operations and support teams to reach our leadership aspirations. This leadership initiative is one of several in our 2018-2021 Elevate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

“By supporting Indigenous leaders with a robust and tailored development program, we hope to provide a career pathway and opportunities for internal Indigenous talent to be supported and promoted within the organisation, and to attract new Indigenous talent to our team. We are a diverse organisation that thrives with a diverse workforce. Indigenous employment is a key focus for us to further strengthen our business through our people,” Angelique said.

This initiative will be supported by embedding these leadership goals within the business, measured by Key Performance Indicators and the leadership team through their Performance Development Review process.

We value the diverse experiences, talents and cultures that our team brings to work each day. Creating inclusion and embracing diversity are key components of our Talent Management Strategy. The creation of an inclusive and diverse workforce is central to our ability to unlock potential and enhance our success, creating a high-performing business. Please visit our careers page to join our talented community.