Environmental awareness benefits circular economy

The circular economy model is key to combating climate change. In 2017, the European Union set ambitious recycling targets for its member states and emphasised that efficient waste management is the first step towards a circular economy.

Ferrovial Services is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and has set the goal of cutting emissions by 32 per cent by 2030. To meet this challenge, the company has partnered with major cities and developed a range of sustainable solutions, from mobility initiatives, to energy services and waste recovery projects.

To date, Ferrovial has implemented the following environmental awareness initiatives:

Recycling centres and waste treatment plants


  • In Murcia (Spain), Ferrovial Services has worked with the local government to facilitate talks at over 147 primary schools. Additionally, more than 5,000 people have visited the environmental classroom at the Cañada Hermosa waste treatment plant.
  • Tomares in Seville has become the first municipality in Spain to achieve three consecutive Golden Broom awards for its cleanliness. To increase environmental awareness amongst schoolchildren, the city organised an art competition,and the winning entries were placed on bins and street cleaning machines.

Citizen participation

  • In Wrocław and Poznań (Poland), Ferrovial’s subsidiary FBSerwis organised an art competition for children and youth, 'Be Eco Citizen’,with the theme of recycling and caring for the environment. Citizens voted for the winning entries on the local newspaper's website, and the art was exhibited in a public space.

Video: https://youtu.be/r21hP2r7J68