Ferrovial Services pilots new indoor localisation system

The Department of Innovation at Ferrovial Services in Spain worked with startup company, Situm, to carry out a pilot study to improve employee productivity based on their movement within a building.

The indoor localisation system uses an app to track a mobile device on a facilities map. Workers were able to use the app to set a destination and preview the route they should follow. The system's desktop platform then allowed an administrator to revie wheat map histories and the location of users in real time.

All the information generated was made available in CSV format, so the data could be downloaded and transferred into a visualisation tool to better analyse user's mobility.

The pilot underwent six months' of tests in the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Alicante. The system's reliability on office floors, on rooftops and in underground parking lots rendered the pilot a success.

Juan Vicente Ibáñez, who led the pilot during his time as EUIPO Manager, said: "Thanks to analysis of the data provided by the system, the tool allows us to detect heat points, optimise our workers' routes, reduce pre-operation times, and optimise resources."

The localisation system will soon be implemented for staff in customer service and for guides who assist people with limited mobility through the Malaga Airport, as well as to support Ferrovial Services' maintenance contract with Airbus in Spain.