Ferrovial Services renews contract to run recycling centres and household sanitation services in Madrid

Ferrovial Services has won a contract to operate recycling centres and perform domestic sanitation services in the city of Madrid.

The four-year €20 million contract comes with a possible one-year extension. The contract covers the operation of 16 fixed recycling centres, 330 weekly mobile collection points, and another 20 recycling centres offered by the company, totalling more than 350 recycling sites.

The contract also includes sanitation and waste removal from homes and commercial premises identified by the municipal health services – Madrid Salud – or the courts.

Fostering the use of recycling centres

A mobile app, available to residents, shows objects that have been deposited at recycling centres and are available for re-use. The app uses a scoring system to show how popular each recycling centre is, which generates a measure of competitiveness and encourages the delivery of items in good condition.

Residents can use the app to post a photo or description of the items they are donating and other users can view, reserve and collect them for re-use.

By donating items that are in good condition and collecting them for re-use, residents contribute to the circular economy. The service aims to reduce landfill by encouraging people to give re-usable objects a new lease of life.