Jason Webster named Social Procurement Champion of the Year Finalist

Congratulations to Broadspectrum’s Operations Manager, Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC), Jason Webster, who was recently named a 2019 Social Traders Awards finalist in the category: Social Procurement Champion of the Year.

The Social Traders Awards is a national event that celebrates and recognises excellence and best practice in social enterprise. The Awards provides the opportunity for social enterprise buyers and suppliers to share their stories and contributions of working together to address social, environmental or community issues in Australia.

Jason’s personal commitment to social procurement has resulted in Broadspectrum’s NSW LAHC contract spending 13 per cent of its total contract value with social enterprises. This is well above the five per cent target set by LAHC, and equated to a spend of $5.6 million with seven social enterprises in 2018.

Broadspectrum Senior Contract Manager, Ian Ryles said: “The relationships with social enterprises do not form overnight or without a lot of dedication. This is over eight years in the making. All credit goes to Jason Webster who has owned this process and these relationships from the start.”

Besides personally coaching and supporting social enterprises, Jason advocates for social procurement within the LAHC contract by ensuring other team members provide safety management, work order management and administration support to social enterprises so they can meet all Broadspectrum contract requirements. Jason has also shared his knowledge and support for social procurement with the broader Broadspectrum organisation by participating in internal workshops, and Social Traders workshops and conferences, where both internal and external participants have been able to learn from Jason’s experience.

Broadspectrum provides maintenance and other services to the NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC), which is responsible for the management of the NSW Government’s social housing portfolio.