Over 3,100 fish relocated during realignment of Awakino River Project

Broadspectrum has been working with the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA), in consultation with the local iwi, on a design and realignment project on a stretch of the Awakino River in the North Island.

Since 2002, the Awakino River has been building a central bar of gravel and sediment, forcing the river to split into two channels, and threatening to damage the adjacent State Highway 3 (SH3).

Broadspectrum’s West Waikato South Network Outcomes contract carried out realignment works to remove the island of gravel and re-establish the central channel of the river. To reduce future erosion and stabilise the riverbank, 13 permeable groynes were built on both edges of the river.

The Awakino River is home to a variety of Indigenous fish species and macroinvertebrates. To ensure these aquatic species were not impacted by the realignment works, specialised ecologists were called in to recover and relocate them further upstream. Over 3,100 fish from eight different species, including two at risk and one threatened species, were recovered and successfully relocated.

The Broadspectrum/Transport Agency project has been rated best practice by the Waikato Regional Council in all erosion and sediment control inspections.

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