Rig build project continues to boost local business

Easternwell’s latest rig build project continues to boost local business with the company constructing one of three new rigs as part of a five -year contract to provide 11 well servicing rigs and associated services to Shell’s QGC business Surat Basin operations.

More than 40 percent of the project spend will be injected into the local economy while Easternwell builds the three new well servicing rigs at their Toowoomba workshop.

Oztec Manufacturing is one local supplier supporting the project by manufacturing the rig’s sites offices and other general components.

Oztec Manufacturing Director John Sheehan said: “We design and manufacture farm machinery, commercial conveying systems, equipment for the oil and gas drilling industries, mining and structural steel projects for general industry.”

“We’re excited to be working with Easternwell on this project and congratulate Easternwell on their substantial support of local industry. We appreciate the opportunity to be involved in this project.”

Easternwell General Manager Kyle Koziol said: “As a local company we support local businesses and provide opportunities for them to be involved in our business for this project and beyond.”

“We value the relationships we have with local business and the opportunity to work collaboratively with them to deliver safer operations at a lower cost to support a globally competitive Australian resources industry.”

Additionally, Easternwell is sourcing many of the materials required during the project such as steel, pipe and pipe fittings, nuts, bolts, lifting equipment, winch lines, PPE, welding consumables, tools, electrical parts, paint, fuel, oil and safety equipment from a range of local suppliers within the Toowoomba and Surat Basin region.

Easternwell, a subsidiary of global service provider Broadspectrum, plans to increase its local workforce by 20 per cent and local procurement by nine per cent. These goals reflect the desire of Shell’s QGC business and Easternwell to provide more opportunities for the local community and are set out in the contract for this work.