Waste treatment

Broadspectrum works closely with government entities, industry and community partners to contribute to the creation of a circular economy in Australia. Our capabilities can enhance the outcomes of the entire waste process chain, from waste collection to processing, with the objective of achieving zero waste to landfill.

Backed by one of the world’s largest municipal services companies, Ferrovial Services, Broadspectrum can deliver waste treatment solutions that deliver a balance of efficient and sustainable outcomes for Australian cities and regional centres.

Ferrovial Services owns and/or operates more than 150 waste treatment facilities and collect and treat the waste produced by 27 million citizens (13 million tonnes). Every year, the company produces over 130,000 MWh of energy from waste which can provide hot water for 990,000 homes. They treat seven million tonnes of waste and recover 1.8 million tonnes each year. An example of their sophisticated capability is their role in creating the most advanced waste treatment technology in the world that reduces general household waste sent to landfill to less than three per cent. The other 97 per cent is either recycled or converted to electricity (powering thousands of homes).

 The cumulation of Ferrovial Services’ 60,000 strong workforce and 40 years of experience in the waste industry, with Broadspectrum’s position as a local employer of more than 14,000 people and a trusted partner to all levels of government means that, together, we can achieve collaborative innovation to deliver smart waste management solutions.

Ferrovial Services has been partnering with local governments in Europe for decades to achieve more sustainable outcomes in dense metropolises (including London and Madrid) and isolated regions (such as the Canary Islands and the Isle of Wright); using lessons learnt, and the new technology and optimisation capabilities of 50 R&D data scientists and Centres of Excellence methodology to create the sophisticated offering Broadspectrum is able to provide governments and communities in the Australian market.

Together with our government, community, academic and technology partners, we aim to process waste in innovative and responsible ways to help us reuse, recycle and create new energy resources.

  • Waste collection and logistics
  • Urban services (street cleansing, gardening and forestry)
  • Transfer stations
  • Design, build, finance and operate Integrated Waste Treatment Facilities including mechanical and biological processes, energy from Waste and landfill
  • Industrial waste collection and treatments


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